First version

Start on reworking my old 2.5d shooter. My prev game(save shelter) have problems. So i make a new version from scratch.

It is simple shooter like wolfenstein 3d.

I use art and some ideas from

Differents from save shelter

 1)draw only visible walls and cells. It is  much better for performance. No limit for level sizes.(defold have limit for sprites.if draw all level,limit is end very fast)

2)Use defos for lock cursor. It should work on all platforms

3)Use rendercam instead of my own camera. Rendercam is awesome and simple for use lib.

4)Use color map texture to change color of wall. No limit for collors. Color map can be changed in  runtime

5)Better ai.(pathfinding and states)

6)A* pathfinding

7)Use ecs pattern for game logic

8)Bobbing camera

9)Using tiled as level editor.(parse result files, and generate json only with needed information)

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Jun 30, 2019

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